Caliban (1998)

Caliban (1998)

1)One More Lie


Take your god out of my life
Your words mean nothing to me
Your messages are just lies
One word, one lie

One word, one lie, one pocket full of money
How can someone die when he never existed?
A cycle of illusions crosses the land
(Burn this cycle) burn it down

Your illusions kill your mind
Pay in the name of god or pay for nothing




The simple fact of being sad grants my self
Importance within my own eyes
On the edge of an incessant existence
Alone the awaking and cognition of this difference lights my mind
Dreadful but to be honest also dearing

Caliban (1998)


Are you blind, or won't you see
You rape natural resources of energy
You ladle blindly out of the full
Until the last treasure is used by us
Ignorance creates the earth's end
Blind waste no one sees the sickness
We must break the silence

It's time for earth liberation

3)Empty Silence
Lying down on the ground, filled with hate
No more power, no more future just emptiness
Searching for a helping hand, but just desperate cries
Everything is in vain
My body and my soul cry for silence and eternal light

Caliban (1998)

What have we done?

How could this be done We are so mean Everything bleeds to death We are burdened with guilt The sickness must end

6)One Day
Cold blooded you've slaughtered the innocent Your merciless sport is so bloody But not for much longer The day will come you will burn in a fire of requital You will bleed for your dreadful actions In the end you will whine,

but there's no mercy And there will be bloodshed But it won't be that of the innocent Cold bloodshed!